1 Edge Android App

by wedado_f5jp81

Are you concerned that your PIN will be revealed when you unlock your phone? To the rescue, here comes Knock Lock – Applock. The novel Lock Screen will confuse would-be burglars. Please activate Knock Lock as “device administrator” to allow Double Tap to Lock. It is only used to lock the device when the floating icon is double-tapped.

1 Edge is a Floating Window Edge Panels application similar to Samsung Edge, which provides:

  • App shortcut: add your favorite app and open it quickly on floating window (eg. Add YouTube, Facebook, Twitter as a shortcut to fast open)
  • Countdown day: Add important days through the floating window, such as birthday, Christmas, etc. it will show how many days left until this day
  • Drinking water: Remind you to drink water, at the same time you can also record the drinking time of drinking water
  • Timer: Start a countdown timer very quickly
  • Tools: Compass and ruler tools
  • RSS Feed: Subscribe to the RSS Feed you like

The unlock PIN for the lock screen will be set by Smart Phone Lock to the current phone time. Every minute, it will suddenly change the PIN! The PIN will therefore change every time you unlock the smartphone, so you need not be concerned about curious eyes nearby. The finest part is that memorising anything to remember the PIN is not necessary. You can increase security to a higher level with the help of the modifiers.

1 Edge is very powerful, you only need to left and right to switch to different panels, you can use it in anywhere through the floating window.

This application has applied for Accessibility service permissions. You need to grant this permission so that the app can perform the HOME/BACK/RECENT button click.

The lock screen and applock on Google Play are the most secure. Nobody can access your photographs, videos, chats, or apps if you use App Lock. Even if someone watches you enter your PIN, they won’t be able to see it thanks to the revolutionary PIN pad. Use this Screen Lock & Applock to test your friends’ ability to decipher your code.


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