Accessibility Scanner Android App

by wedado_f5jp81

Accessibility Scanner is a tool that scans an app’s user interface to provide recommendations on how to improve accessibility of the app. Accessibility Scanner enables anyone, not just developers, to quickly and easily identify a range of common accessibility improvements; for example, enlarging small touch targets, increasing contrast for text and images and providing content descriptions for unlabelled graphical elements.

Improving the accessibility of your app may allow you to reach a larger audience and provide a more inclusive experience, especially for users with disabilities. This often leads to improved user satisfaction, app ratings and user retention.

The improvements suggested by Accessibility Scanner can be easily shared with members of your development team to determine how they can be incorporated into the app.

To begin using Accessibility Scanner:

  • Open the app and follow the prompts to turn on the Accessibility Scanner service.
  • Navigate to the app you wish to scan and tap the floating Accessibility Scanner button.
  • Choose to perform a single scan, or record an entire user journey across multiple interfaces.
  • For more detailed instructions, follow this getting started guide

Accessibility Scanner scans your screen and provides suggestions to improve the accessibility of your app, based on:

  • Content labels
  • Touch target size
  • Clickable items
  • Text and image contrast

Accessibility Scanner isn’t a replacement for manual testing and doesn’t guarantee the accessibility of the app.

This app is an accessibility service. While it is active, it requires permissions to retrieve window content and observe your actions to perform its job.


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