Anti Spy & microphone detector App

by wedado_f5jp81

Detect Hidden microphone has been developed to detect Hidden devices for potential spies effectively.

Anti spy microphone Scanner is based on your devices magnetic sensor to measure magnetic field values and turns your phone into a real metal & electronic devices detector.


  • Free protection against espionage Devices
  • Detect Hidden Devices
  • Find Hidden Microphones
  • Spy Camera Finder
  • Detect electronic devices and spy bugs

To detect Hidden devices Our app functions as a radiation detector by detecting radiations (Magnetic Field) from devices nearby.

Just open it and move it around. If the magnetic field values rise there is metal in the area, there’s a big chance to detect Hidden devices. Accuracy of the app is entirely dependent on the magnetic sensor in your device and is affected by electrical equipment such as TVs, PCs… due to electromagnetic waves.

If the app does not work as it should then the problem is in your magnetic sensor. Maybe your device does not have one. Or try to initialize the sensors by pointing your phone up and rotate it in a figure 8 pattern.


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