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by wedado_f5jp81

ShutApp kills all the battery draining Apps, Lock down CPU to its lowest frequency, hibernate power consuming settings to save and extend battery life of your device.
Best thing about ShutApp is it only works – When the screen is off.

Unlike most battery saving apps don’t save that much power to be worth it without disabling a lot of features on your phone, at which point, you might as well not have a smart phone; ShutApp stops power draining apps and settings to execute their tasks when the phone is in sleep mode, i.e. screen is off, with no interference in your day to day task to provide you; more power and smooth experience of using a smartphone.

ShutApp is a single screen app where you have three settings, one is Application Shut Lock, Second is CPU Shut Lock and the third is Setting shut Lock. You can easily scroll through these settings. In that way you don’t have to search or navigate throughout the app for any setting; to make app experience easier. Let’s know about these power saving settings in detail.

Application Shut Lock
This setting hibernates/shut down/kill apps which are executing their task in background and also consuming battery in the process. It’s fine if these apps are running when you are using your phone and it’s necessary to have the experience of a smartphone. But when you are not using your phone, you don’t want unnecessary battery drainage by these apps. That’s what this setting do; hibernate these battery consuming apps to save battery.

CPU Shut Lock
CPU is “the brain of android” constantly computing many demanding tasks like updating apps, widgets and checking for software updates. These computing tasks drain lots of battery. This setting locks CPU to the lowest possible frequency ensuring huge battery saving and enhanced performance.

Setting Shut Lock
Settings like Bluetooth, WIFI, and Sync use ample amount of battery. By using this setting you can ensure more power in your smartphone.

That not all,ShutApp also prevent your phone from getting heated and keep your device lagging free so that you can have the experience of using your smartphone in a better and smooth way.

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