Best Browser App for Android

by wedado_f5jp81

Mises browser is the first fast secured and extension supported web3 mobile browser, our mission is to let our users’ web3 experience on mobile is as good as on PC.

Right now Mises Browser has 4 major features

Mises Browser supports Chrome extensions on mobile phones. Users can download and run web3 extensions on Mises.

Mises browser allows users to use web3 products quickly and safely and prevent phishing through a whitelist system and partnership with security companies.

3.web3 domain name resolution
Mises browser supports web3 domain name resolution, the first batch of supported domain names include: ens, unstoppable domain and .bit.

4.web3 dapp aggregation
mises browser aggregates more than 400 mainstream web3 dapp in the market, which is convenient for users to access quickly and safely.

Welcome to use mises browser to start your web3 journey.

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