CallSmsBackUp And Restore Android App

by wedado_f5jp81

CallSmsBackUp And Restore App is android app to backup your android device Call Logs and Sms Log and restoring Call Logs.

Features of CallSmsBackUp App includes:

  • Dislay your device call logs.
  • Display your device sms.
  • Call Logs are filtered into : Incoming,Outgoing,Missed and Rejected
  • Sms Log are filtered into: Inbox and Sent
  • Display counter for total Call log and SMS log
  • Backup files in XML and PDF format
  • XML file is being used for restoring your call log.So keep this xml files safe and in CallSmsBackUp/Calls and CallSmsBackUp/SMS Folders of Device’s Internal Storage.Only those xml call logs and sms logs saved from this app will be able to restore the call logs and sms of your device.This version of app will be able to restore only call log as if of now through these xml call logs files generated from app.
  • If you are not able to open xml file in your android device,then download any playstore app which support xml formatted files or you can open xml file from any pc/laptop.
  • For pdf formatted files user need android app installed which read pdf files.

CallSmsBackUp App Privacy Policy:

  • CallSmsBackUp app doesn’t store/process/share any user data in any form.
  • All data is obtained by user’s consent and stored only in files of app which belongs to user’s phone only and
  • User himself/herself is the owner of these files and information.

SMS Backup and Restore is a tool that will let you make backup files for all of your Anroid’s text messages. It’ll save them conveniently in an XML file that you can transfer or send by email.

The application will also let you program these updates without continually clicking a button, so you won’t have to worry so much. Each specific time that SMS Backup and Restore creates a complete safeguard of your text messages, it’ll send them to a designated email or Dropbox.

In addition to backing up your texts, SMS Backup and Restore lets you quickly eliminate all of your text messages. You can create a security copy, safely secure it, or delete it with just a touch on your cell phone’s screen.

SMS Backup and Restore is an all-in-one file backup program due to the fact that you can always store your most precious text messages.


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