Cleaning App for Android

by wedado_f5jp81

Ancleaner, Android cleaner is the cleaning app for your Android phone or tablet. You can save space using the different tools. Junk, temporary and file cleaner such as APKs that are taking up space and that we will show you so you can delete it or not. Duplicate files and large files. We also incorporate a file manager to access the elements of your device by categories.

In Ancleaner you will have:

✓ Phone Cleaner. You can clean junk and accumulated files or downloaded files.

✓ Explorer. File organizer and explorer by category: Images, music, videos and documents.

✓ Tools. Ancleaner 4.0 brings as tools such as the search for duplicate images and videos, large images and videos and soon even more.

✓ Apps installed. With this tool, check all the applications you have installed and uninstall those you don’t use with one click. Sort by size or cache and get insights for each app.

Ancleaner, Android cleaner is a free Android mobile and tablet cleaner that since 2014 is helping thousands of users with their devices.

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