Cram Android App

by wedado_f5jp81

Short on storage space? Use Cram, an image compressor app, to shrink pictures on your Android device by 60% or more without compromising the actual display/print dimensions, resolution, or beauty of your photo files.

Want to send more pictures at once? Shrink pictures with the image compressor app. When you compress your photo files with Cram, you can attach more images to an email without getting blocked by size limits or slowing down send times.

Just launch the Cram image compressor and select an individual JPEG photo or a whole album of JPEG photos. Using the auto-delete setting, Cram compresses your photos and replaces the original images in the native gallery. Cram also gives you the option to delete the original file manually after each individual compression. The compressed image only takes up one-third of the space previously occupied by the oversized image.

Turn on auto-reduce and realize the benefits of Cram with no effort at all. With auto-reduce enabled, pictures you take with your camera will be automatically reduced in the background. Since only the reduced pictures will be saved, you will immediately start saving space.

Cram Features

  • Store up to 3 times as many photos on your device and cloud services
  • Transfer and share photos up to 3 times faster
  • Save on data rates when sharing photos on the go
  • Share reduced photos via email, social media, or other Apps directly from Cram
  • Drop compressed images on a site or blog without slowing the load time for visitors

Try Cram now and compress 300 photos free over the lifetime of the app. An in-app purchase of $2.99 removes the 300 photo limitation.

  • Share on Social Media Directly from the App 
    • Compressed images are stored in a special folder within your gallery on your device. 
  • Stay Within Your Monthly Data Plan
    • If you use Cram to compress pictures, the images you send will be a smaller size and help you stay within your monthly allowance for data. Depending on your plan, you may even save on overage fees if you happen to send more data than allowed.
  • Include More Images in Your Emails
    • Email providers set limits on the amount of data you can send per email message. So if your provider has set a 5MB attachment limit, you may be able to Cram 15MB of images into one email. Cram empowers you to send more of your pictures at once than ever before.

Use the built-in camera and realize the benefits of Cram with no effort at all. Pictures you take with the Cram camera will be automatically reduced. Since only the reduced pictures will be saved, you will immediately start saving space. On devices that support 3D Touch, you can even access the built-in camera from the Home screen with a Quick Action.

Additional Features

  • This app has been updated by Apple to display the Apple Watch app icon.
  • We now have support for 3D Touch.
  • If you have a device with 3D Touch, you can use a Quick Action from the Home screen to go directly to the Camera in Cram. This is a great way to take photos and save space on your device. Photos taken with the “Cram Camera” are automatically reduced, so your photos take up much less space.
  • This release also contains fixes for a few minor bugs.


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