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To protect your privacy & private activities from hackers & trackers you need a truly world class mobile antihack security app.

Why Choose Geeky Tools: AntiHack Security?
👍 World-leading hack checking app: Get a spyware scanner and ensure your device security with a one-tap scan.
👍 Anti tracking: Detect tracker and stop hidden data collection.
👍 Cyber security: Stop hackers scams & advanced threat protection by anti detector.
👍 Privacy protection: Protect your phone 24/7 real-time protection with ‘Malware Security’ ‘WiFi Security’ and ‘Anti Tracker’.
👍 Troubleshooting: check system and fix android problems.

Geeky Hacks : Anti Hacking Protection & Security
Protect your phone against mobile online threats like tapjacking, virus, trojans hackers, ransomware & adware using anti-hacking troubleshooting tools and utilities. This anti hacking protection app helps you detect all types of spywares & malwares. You can detect hidden apps, analyze privacy and find malicious apps using this bug detector scanner. Also, this anti hack spyware scanner works as a system advisor to stop 3rd party trackers & hackers as well as closes all apps running in background to protect from harmful apps.

Geekapp Ultimate Mobile Security Services!
◆ Anti Hack Protection
Do you have the feeling that 3rd party hacking software are working on your device?
• Anti hacking software is top security tools and utilities that help detect fraud, prevent hacking and protect your data.
• Protect your site from web hacker. Our stalkerware detection and anti surveillance app provide the protection required against spy hacker software.

◆ WiFi Security Protection
• Detect who is on my WiFi is powerful wifi protection and anti detect to protect your wifi security and internet security.

◆ Spyware Detector & Remover
Can someone possibly spy on me?
• Anti spyware is a scanner & anti detector of spyware hacker and stalkerware.

◆ Hidden Apps Detector
• Hidden app detector allows you to detect hidden, malicious apps with or without an icon in the installed app list.

◆ Tracker Protection
Is someone tracking your phone?
• Anti tracking app privacy protection will find out who is tracking you.

◆ Malware Removal
Are you concerned about your device security?
• Anti malware app to help you find the best malware protection against malicious apps for all your devices.

◆ System Checker
Need to check your System?
• System check is the smart doctor for your phone system, troubleshooting will help you fix Android problems.
• Note: This app doesn’t support fixing hardware problems of the device.

◆ Popup Ad Detector
• Detect and get rid of ads showing outside of app.
• Note: Ad Detector is not a pop-up ads blocker.

◆ Permission Manager
• Manage and monitoring privacy permissions, a complete solution for device security and privacy tracker.

◆ App Manager & Analyzer
• App Analyzer helps you better monitor, manage, analyze your apps installed on Android devices..

◆ Dangerous Apps Detector
• Risky apps detection for avoiding dangerous apps.

◆ Ping Test Tool
• Network scanner for testing and troubleshooting network issues!

◆ Mobile Diagnostics Hardware Test
• Test device hardware & get full info

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Anti Spy Detector 

Best Anti Spy App For Spyware Detection:

Android devices have become an integral part of our lives. As our use of android devices grows, so the risk of spyware & malware attacks increases. The best anti spy detector app is a user friendly spyware detection app that protects your android device from unauthorized tracking & surveillance. With over 80 million spyware & malware signatures. Spyware & malware are malicious programs designed to steal sensitive information from your devices, such as your passwords, credit/debit card details & other personal data!

This anti spy app effectively protects against various types of spyware, malware & espionage attacks. Anti spy detector proactively shields users with hacker protection from known spy apps, SMS & GPS trackers & monitoring apps frequently used by government agencies.

Anti Spy Detector With Hacker Protection:

Anti spy detector app is designed to detect & remove spyware & malware from your device. The app provides a comprehensive anti spyware scanner also with anti malware scan that scans your device for any malicious programs. The anti spy detector app also offers hacker protection by identifying any potential vulnerabilities in your device’s security.

Anti spy detector app uses cutting-edge Deep Detective™ technology to protect users from hacking attempts to hacker protection & espionage attacks. With its advanced spyware detection capabilities, the app can identify hidden camera spying apps and alert you to their presence.

Functionality of Anti Spyware Scanner With Malware Scan:

The anti spyware scanner functionality can also detect any malicious apps installed on your device. The malware scan is particularly useful for detecting and removing apps that may have been installed & often used to spy on your activity. Anti malware scan easy-to-use interface lets you quickly & effectively detect potential spy apps & hidden spyware detection processes. This anti spy app also offers regular malware scans to ensure that your device remains secure.

Protect Your Privacy With Anti Spy Detector & Anti Malware Scan Tool:

With advanced anti malware scan detects & blocks spyware & any unauthorized tracking or surveillance attempts. The app uses cutting-edge anti spyware detection algorithms to identify & remove any existing spyware on your device. The real-time scanning method of this anti spy detector app can run in the background & continuously monitor your device for any potential threats also with hacker protection & alert you if any are detected.

Hidden Camera Spying App Detector:

Hidden camera spying app detector feature offers the ideal combination of security solutions. This useful anti spy detector can detect any apps that may be using your camera or microphone without your permission and provide you with the option to disable or remove those spy apps. By using anti spy detector in conjunction with our Firewall AI, Camera Guard™, & Micro Guard™, maximum privacy for your device.

Features of Anti Spy Detector:

• Free spyware detection against espionage & various types of malware!
• Over 80 million spyware & malware signatures for complete detection!
• Anti spy app also detects backdoors, keyloggers, commercial spyware, trojans, adware & ransomware!
• Identifies & blocks monitoring apps, SMS & GPS tracker!
• Detects known anti spy apps frequently used by governments!
• Real-time protection to keep your device safe from malware!
• Advanced AI generates spyware detector signatures in real-time for more accurate detection!
• Spyware detection on android TV!
• Protectstar™ apps are preferred by more than 5,000,000 users in 175 countries!

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Cyberpunk Hacking

Become the cyberpunk hacker in the world.

You have a device at your disposal to penetrate protected systems, use it for your hacks.
As the player’s level rises, more secure systems for penetration will open, for which you will receive a large reward.

Once you start penetrating, you need to specify a specific sequence of nodes indicated on your scanner on the left side of the screen.

Vulnerabilities are usually located on the same planes, which alternate with each other.
For example, having correctly specified the first node, you need to search for the second in the same column as the first, then you will find the third element on the same line as the second, and so the row will change the column over and over again and vice versa.

For each hack, you have a certain amount of time, acceptable errors and required nodes. These conditions, as well as the experience gained, will vary depending on the difficulty level of the hack.

As you gain experience for successful hacks, your level will grow. As you reach higher levels, new hacking difficulties will open up.

Your assistant accurately records the results of the break-ins. The results are displayed in the Statistics section. There you can find information on both the total number of hacks and their effectiveness.
In addition to the number of hacks, you can see the results of the last 36 hacks, their difficulty and the experience gained.

In the game Cyberpunk Hacker awaits you:
– Addicting puzzle game
– Statistics window
– 3 levels of difficulty
– Character development
– Pleasant music

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