Exif Eraser Android App

by wedado_f5jp81

Currently supported image formats:

  • JPEG: Images will be saved excluding the embedded ICC Profile, EXIF, Photoshop Image Resources and XMP/ExtendedXMP metadata
  • PNG: Images will be saved excluding the embedded ICC Profile, EXIF and XMP metadata
  • WebP: Images will be saved excluding the embedded ICC Profile, EXIF and XMP metadata

Digital images have metadata that contains details about the image, camera, photographer, and location in addition to the image itself. For use with digital cameras and picture processing software, it is a type of tag system. The terms Exif, GPS, IPTC, and XMP are undoubtedly names you’ve heard of, even if you’re not familiar with metadata.


  • Supports JPEG, PNG and WebP image formats
  • Select one or more images, image directories or take a picture from within the app
  • Set custom default open/save paths
  • Preserve the original image orientation
  • Set custom image display name suffix
  • Night mode
  • Share up to 100 images at once
  • View full reports for every image processed
  • View the type of metadata contained in the original image
  • App shortcuts for swift launcher access
  • Paste images from the clipboard
  • Drag and drop images in multi window mode

In general, this data is beneficial for the image, but there are some situations in which you might choose not to have it associated with your pictures. In order to preserve your privacy and prevent individuals from using the information to determine where you are or where you live, you might wish to remove it, for instance, if you plan to publish your photographs online. Another, less significant reason to remove the data is that it takes up space on your hard disc and slows down the loading of your images.

If you use Exif Eraser, a tool that makes it simple to remove all of the metadata tags, before uploading your images online, you may safeguard your privacy by preventing others from using the tags to determine where the photo was shot.
When extracting metadata, you should keep in mind that the file size will also be decreased. On a large-sized image, the tags might not occupy much space, but on little photos, such as online thumbnail previews, their area is comparatively considerably bigger.


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