File Manager & Status Saver Android App for WhatsApp

by wedado_f5jp81

Are you consistently facing “No storage space” issues with your phone and wondering if WhatsApp files are the culprits behind it? Well, they most likely are and here is an app that would serve your purpose of managing WhatsApp files and documents like a pro. You can find your WhatsApp images, videos, documents, stickers, GIFs, voice recordings, wallpapers, profile photos, sent files and status images, all neatly organized. You can easily sort them alphabetically or based on their size or received time. The app also has an amazing WhatsApp Status Saver feature for downloading and saving all your friends’ status images and videos. You can even save all the status files you upload in a separate folder.
And the most surprising feature – all of this in an app that consumes just under 4MB of your storage space.

Stunning Features
★ Check how much storage space your WhatsApp consumes
★ Find out which files take up the most space in your phone
★ Clear all unnecessary files to save memory
★ Save the Status Photos & Videos of your friends
★ Save your own WhatsApp status in a separate folder
★ Save, share & delete with just a single click

Upcoming features in 2020
★ Ability to add Received Stickers back to WhatsApp
★ Ability to back up files to Google Drive
★ Social media integration

What this App cannot do
★ The App cannot read into your chats/voice calls. If it could, that would be a serious violation of your privacy.
★ The App cannot keep track of your old/deleted files. Hence it cannot retrieve such files. If that is your requirement, you should try any specialized file recovery applications.

So, what are you waiting for?


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