Free Call App for Anyone Who Needs to Make International Calls

by wedado_f5jp81

Duo Call is a Free call app for anyone who needs to make international calls to landlines and mobiles. Whether you’re a frequent traveler, a digital nomad, an expat, or just looking to stay in touch with friends and family around the world, Duo Call has everything you need to stay connected. With crystal-clear call quality, you can make affordable calls to over 200 countries without worrying about hidden fees or charges.

Global phone calls are free now. No contract, no hidden fees.
You can get credits quickly to make voice calls by finishing tasks in the APP. Use this free phone calling app to call people; just call your loved one anywhere they are.

Free credits 
New users will get a bonus of 500 credits. Make your first Duo Call now! By the way, you can get free credits from daily lucky spins and playing online games or view some ads.
You have many choices to earn credit, and the simplest way just needs one tap on the screen. Earn more credits via completing some fun tasks.
By the way, if you do not want to earn credit, you also can buy credit for calls.

Hide true caller id 
Your true caller id can be hide now! We support to choose show the real caller id or not, if you want to protect your privacy, you can choose hide the true caller id!

International calls 
Duo Call allows you to make free international calls to anyone in the world, even if your friends do not have an Internet connection. We make it available to make phone calls from any device with a network , which helps you make calls when traveling abroad.

8-way call 
Upgrade your conference calling experience with Duo Call new 8-way conference calling feature. Connect with colleagues, friends, or family seamlessly with advanced audio technology and live video. Try it out today!

Call recordings 
Duo Call supports call recording, which can be started and stopped at any time. The recording files will only be saved locally and will not be uploaded to the cloud, which better protects your privacy.

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No phone number needed 
Duo Call supports both WIFI and cellular data networks.
No SIM card or phone number needed!

Start your first FREE calls or low-cost calls today.
So go ahead, download Duo Call today and start calling the world!”


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