gCMOB Android App

by wedado_f5jp81

gCMOB is a surveillance software that allows users to access and control live streaming from CP PLUS DVRs, NVRs, IP Cameras and Video Door Phones. You even have the option of controlling this live feed as well and can direct the camera to the particular areas you want to focus at. I found the app to be quite useful.

However, it was still quite annoying to see that the app wanted permission to access my identity. This invasion of my privacy was the only concern I had with this surveillance app. The layout and design of the gCMOB were quite intuitive and it was easy to navigate it.

Besides controlling live view, other features offered by this app include:

  • Easy GUI to control
  • Support flexible Live Preview split up to 16.
  • Supports InstaOn-Instant Cloud viewing for CP Plus DVR/NVR & IP Cameras.
  • Support scanning QR code to add device.
  • Support real-time playback when live preview.
  • Support 4 channel Playback
  • Merge “Video Playback” and “Image Playback”.
  • Support quick starting live preview via Instaon.
  • Supports sliding feature to view next set of cameras
  • Supports digital zoom in live videos.
  • Support Push Video
  • Can control Relay outputs like switch Close/Open Doors.
  • Support PTZ controls
  • Remote Configuration of Device
  • Switch to Main or Extra/Sub Stream in one click.
  • Supports Two Way Talk.
  • Create, Edit and View your Favorite cameras.
  • Basic health monitoring like HDD status etc
  • Supports E-PTZ.
  • Support Video Door Phone feature
  • Support Local File Export feature

gCMOB is a free real-time surveillance app that lets users watch and manage security videos from a CP PLUS DVR, NVR, IP Camera, or Video Door Phone. It is incredibly secure to use this software. It’s been peer-reviewed by surveillance experts and you’ll see that it is malware-free. As a result, you can import and use it on whatever gadget you want, whether it’s a smartphone or a computer.

gCMOB is a useful application to have when you have security cameras installed in your home or enterprise. You will keep an eye on your property at any time and from anywhere using your mobile. Of course, you have a limited view of surveillance footage from your mobile phone so it’s worth trying this program with an emulator.


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