Gesture Lock Screen Android App

by wedado_f5jp81

Gesture Lock Screen is an app that allows you to build a custom lock screen for your Android device by swiping across the screen. Normally, you must create the gesture on the screen using the dots, but with Gesture Lock Screen, you may design it as you like, producing an unlimited amount of drawings, lines, characters, or numbers.


  • Draw numbers, letters, symbols, signatures to unlock
  • Invisible gesture: hide gesture when drawing on lock screen
  • Support single stroke gesture (one touch drawing) and multiple strokes gesture
  • Add/change/delete gesture

Intruder Selfie

  • Snap a secret photo when intruder enters wrong gestures
  • Send intruder photo directly in your email inbox
  • Show intruder notification on unlock
  • Gesture Lock Screen is a intruder selfie lock screen


  • Enter PIN to unlock in case you forget the gesture
  • 4~8-digit PINs
  • Gesture Lock Screen is a secure PIN lock screen


  • Pick from 2.5M+ photos and wallpapers, powered by Unsplash
  • Search wallpapers
  • Fast to find wallpapers with popular wallpaper tags


  • Switch between day and night mode or light and dark mode
  • Lock notification bar, disable notification panel from being pulled down on lockscreen
  • Set your favorite ringtones as lock and unlock sounds
  • 18+ lock screen unlock animations


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