Hacker Tracker Android App

by wedado_f5jp81

This app will not help with Hackers or Hacking – it is a simple schedule app. Hacker Tracker is the official DEF CON scheduling app. Designed from the ground up to make finding the events you want as easy as possible.

First time attending? Don’t worry, Hacker Tracker gives you all the information you need in one place to make sure you have an excellent time. Veteran? The schedule will allow you to filter to exactly what events you like to attend.


  • Tons of information for newbies
  • A schedule to show exactly what you want
  • Clean, material design
  • Notifications for favorited upcoming events
  • List of all partners & vendors
  • Completely open sourced

Hacker Tracker contains the speaker schedules, as well as villages, parties, events, contests, maps, and other important con information.

The apps are maintained by a small group of folks, and it is all done in our spare time. Hacker Tracker is a tool that helps you schedule your visit to various information security conferences. The app has a built-in schedule feature to view and save your preferred events and talks, which includes Derby Con and DEF CON.

If you are tired of your conference or event app crashing every now and then, consuming insane levels of bandwidth, or not fitting the requirements of your security event, you need Hacker Tracker. The zero-frills, sleek approach makes using the app quite a pleasant experience.

The app has been designed from scratch so that locating events you need becomes easy. Hacker Tracker makes it quite easy to organize schedules, so that you do not have to carry any guide with you. A smartphone is all that you require.

The app truly serves as your central event schedule tool. The schedule for DEF CON contests, talks, and events is included and with fresh data becoming available, the app would update information for other conferences. This update wouldn’t be instant or automatic. The tool usually updates data only if requests pour in from users for the same.

Plan your visit to any number of information security conferences. Hacker Tracker features an on-device schedule for viewing and saving your preferred talks and events from different events, including DEF CON, Derby Con, and others.

The schedule for talks, contests, and events are included and Hacker Tracker updates automatically for other conferences as data becomes available.


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