HalloCall Messenger Android App

by wedado_f5jp81

HalloCall Messenger is a unique all-in-one communication app to help you stay connected with your beloved ones. HalloCall Messenger offers High-Quality Video and Audio calls, International Calls, Mobile phone topup worldwide, Chat, Virtual numbers. it works at any network supporting 2G/3G/LTE/5G/WiFi technologies.

Main features:

FREE AUDIO CALL: Make unlimited free crystal-clear and secured audio calls. Invite friends to download the free communication messenger to talk more.

FREE VIDEO CALL: Free HD video calls are your access to get an in-person experience talking to your friends or loved ones.

FREE CHAT: While you are not a calling person, you have a free and secured messaging facility on the HalloCall Messenger. Start sending unlimited voice records, texts, pictures, videos, documents, fun emojis.

GROUP CHAT: Chat for free with your group of friends by creating a group from your contacts and stay joined throughout the day or night.

MOBILE TOPUP: Stay connected always with your close ones. Top Up your mobile phone or your loved ones’ phone using the credits. Send mobile to-up to any prepaid number with 550 mobile operators in 150 countries including Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Haiti, Jamaica, Colombia, Peru, Ghana, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Russia, Ukraine, Turkey, Egypt, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Myanmar, Ghana, Nigeria, Senegal, Malawi, Mali, Kenya, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh and many more.

VIRTUAL NUMBER: Activate a virtual number and receive all incoming calls in your app.

INTERNATIONAL CALLS: Try high quality and low phone rates for international calling to over 200 countries including the USA, Canada, Mexico, Guatemala, Uzbekistan, Saudia Arabia, Philippines, Indonesia, Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Senegal, United Kingdom, Thailand, Vietnam and many more. The rates start from $0.005 per minute. Buy popular packages to save more or use pay-as-you-go from your credit balance.

SMS: When your friends have difficulties with the internet you can always rely on our SMS texting service which delivers your text instantly. Please check for the competitive rates. Text now!

HALLOCALL CREDITS: Add credits to your balance and use them to make a mobile top-up, or make international calls, buy virtual numbers, send SMS, or buy an international calling package.

HALLO TRANSFER: Share funds from your balance with your friends by choosing the country, mobile number, and amount to transfer.

NOTIFICATIONS: You can get all the promotional notifications about top-up announcements, or international calling, or other packages.

PROFILE: You can create a cool profile with your picture selected from the phone gallery.

FILE SHARING: The application has the facility to share pictures, audio files, videos, and other documents from your phone gallery.

Download the best all-in-one communication messenger for free to make free crystal-clear audio and HD video calls, cheap international calls, SMS text, having virtual numbers for business and personal use, send mobile top-up to any prepaid number.

No Hidden Fees, No bill surprise. Just get affordable calling rates.

Add credits in the most convenient, instant, and secured way with your Visa, MasterCard, Discover Card, UnionPay, JCB Card, American Express or Bitcoin, Etherium and USDT!

Stay connected with your beloved ones from anywhere and anytime with the best all-in-one communication messenger with free services!


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