Hidden Apps & Anti Spy Detector Android App

by wedado_f5jp81

Hidden Apps is a FREE security tool. Is someone spying on you? Protect yourself now
Hidden Apps Offers service to protect user’s privacy.
Install our digital security app to be sure that no hacker, malware or spy can access personal data on your smartphone. Do you think someone is spying on you right now?
Download Hidden Apps and keep your Android device away from hacking, viruses and malware.

Protects you from
• Viruses
• Spyware
• Suspicious malware
• Hidden Ads
• Fake Apps
• Adware
• Phishing Attacks & Fake Websites.
• Unknown spy apps
• Identity Theft

• spyware, Trojan, Malware & Monitoring System Finder from your Smart Phone
• remove spyware detector
• Antispyware Scanner.
•detects hidden and disabled spies
• Detects fraudulent elements like Hidden Ads, Fake Apps, hidden apps, Exploits, BankBots, Anubis, Agent Smith, Ransomware, etc.
• Protect your privacy from phone camera spies (spyware, malware, surveillance or infected apps)
• protect our users every day against hackers and targeted espionage attacks.
• Shield against known and unknown attacks (Camera Block Function)
• Show all installed hidden applications.
• Show apps permissions using by other apps.
• Scan all the apps installed on your device and find which ones from unknown sources.
• Who is on my Wi-Fi (you can check who is connected to your Wi-Fi)
• Ransomware Finder, 90 % Virus automatically Hide as they install. Choose hidden app feature and secure your Android Phone.
• No root needed
• anti-cyber bullying
• cyber security.


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