Hidden Browser Calculator for Android

by wedado_f5jp81

It is a hidden browser calculator. A browser that cannot be found on your smartphone. The browser is displayed as a normal calculator and has a calculator icon. When you start the browser, the calculator will start, but when you enter the password (You can also log in with a fingerprint scanner), a screen with the browser will open. The browser has private functions, it does not store history and does not track your data. In the browser settings, you can delete the data stored after visiting the sites, and you can also clear the cookies.

Hidden Browser Features:
– a browser that cannot be detected
– the browser has a calculator icon
– calculator opens when application starts
– access to the browser using a password or fingerprint scanner
– the browser does not store the history of site visits
– the browser does not track your data

How to use this application:
1. When you start the application, the calculator will open for you
2. To access the browser, you will need to enter a password or log in using a fingerprint scanner
3. Enter the 4th password and click “equal”
4. If you do a long press on the “equal” sign you will be able to enter using the fingerprint scanner

This application is designed for fun and is not a regular calculator. It is not recommended to use the application as a standard calculator.

Secret Browser Calculator – Allows you to secretly use your internet browser. No one will guess that you have an additional Internet browser installed. When this application is launched, the calculator screen will open for the user, only after you enter the pin code, the browser will be available to you.

This internet browser does not store or collect your data. For Internet searches, the DuckDuckGo search engine is used, which also does not collect user data. The browser can use bookmarks.

The instructions for using the hidden Internet browser (as well as the button with a hint at the bottom) will no longer be displayed after entering your pin code.

This is a very fast Internet browser, it has all the capabilities of modern intranet browsers, for convenient and hidden surfing the Internet.


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