Ins Tracker Android App

by wedado_f5jp81

Do you want to explore the Instagram platform and want to reach out to various profiles? Here is the solution with Ins Tracker, an Instagram profile viewer application to make your exploring easy. 

As a user, you can there easily search the various profiles of Instagram just by entering the profile name. No sign-up or any other registration is required! If the account is public, it would be easy to go insight of the profile and check out the post. Like any post, just download it or share it with your friends with this Instagram story downloader

How does it work?

This application works on the three main points which are as follows:

  • Instagram profile tracker: Use the username of a particular ID and reach out to the desired profile. Not only view the ID but you can also download the post and IGTV video. See the profile picture in HD mode by clicking on the profile picture. 
  • Instagram restore message: With the read Instagram notification, you can restore all Instagram messages. This is the same as the WhatsApp recovery deleted message feature. 
  • Instagram post download: With this feature, a user can easily download or share the Instagram public post. 

Key features:

  • Separate download box: Get your all download images in one place. 
  • Theme change: Switch between two themes of your choice. It is available in light and dark mode.   
  • Bug report: Report complains about the bug through email. 
  • Share: An option to share the app on different social media platforms.
  • Rate us: We welcome your rating for this application.  

Use this Instagram profile search application and reach out to as many profiles as you want. Download your favorite image on any particular niche with a single tap. This app is not affiliated or has any other relation with Instagram. 


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