iOS App to Clean Contact List in iPhone

by wedado_f5jp81

Cinder is a contact utility app with a swipe left / swipe right twist.
Easily weed out old and unused contacts with Cinder. Swipe right to keep a contact, swipe left to mark a contact for deletion.

Since deleting a contact is permanent, you can review the contacts you swipe left into your trash can one last time before permanently deleting them.

This app is genius for deleting old or useless contacts in your phone. Works great! Only one note. Delete your trash often. If you make a mistake, you can restore it from the trash before permanently deleting it but the order of the contacts in the trash has no organization or search feature. If you have swiped left on 150 contacts for example and then mess up without emptying your trash, it’s hard to find the one you need to restore. Other than that, this app is perfect.

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