Light Mini Web Android App

by wedado_f5jp81

Welcome to the tiniest web browser for Android with built-in accessibility features. Believe it or not, this internet explorer is under one-tenth of an MB (0.1mb) in size! It is 100% ad-free (no ads), fast and does not require any unnecessary device permissions. You can use it for light browsing when you don’t need full-fledged features of chrome or firefox.

If you find it difficult to read small size text on web pages in your mobile, Tiny Browser allows zooming the contents and text on any web page so that it is more readable. Use it to read long news articles, web sites etc. without straining your eyes.

Viewing in zoomed modes also saves you data bandwidth when viewing videos or images in web pages. If you prefer the normal view, you can switch to the non-zoomed view anytime.

In spite of being tiny, it offers facilities such as storing bookmarks, to specifying preferred search engine, clearing browsing history, fullscreen browsing and using volume keys to scroll webpages.

What this contains over the free version
● Unlimited open tabs
● Custom ad blocking source controls, choose from default hosts file, local hosts file, or remote hosts file

● Ad blocking – Blocking ads is a core feature of Lightning Browser, meant to improve the speed and security of your browsing experience.

● Design – Lightning’s interface was carefully crafted so you can browse as efficiently as possible. Tabs and Bookmarks are all tucked neatly away in side drawers, only a swipe away, allowing maximum screen viewing with minimal interference from the browser’s chrome. Dark Mode, Light Mode, Color Mode, Night Mode… Anyway, whatever you like, there’s a mode for you.

● Speed – By utilizing the WebKit rendering engine that comes built into your Android device, Lightning can ensure a swift, lightweight experience.

● Privacy – Use Incognito Mode to browse without leaving a footprint, download Orbot and turn on TOR proxy support to mask your identify and location, use StartPage or DuckDuckGo for your search engine, or disable settings that you think leave you at risk. Whatever your concern, Lightning will try to help.

● Features – Full-screen, check. AdBlock, check. Inverted Rendering, check. All the search engines you want, check. Search Suggestions, Bookmarks, History, User Agents, Reading Mode, whatever you need, Lightning does it.

● Open-source – Just as Android open-source, so is Lightning. I believe that the best software is built when communities come together to engineer the best solution. Head over to the repository on GitHub to contribute or translate.


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