MuksOS Android App

by wedado_f5jp81

When you install MuksOS Launcher, you will get three things with it

  • The app launcher, when you set up muksOS as your new home screen, you will able to open apps, do searches, setting speech alarm and speech reminders etc. using your voice, gestures or text as per your choice.
  • The interactive virtual assistant that can assist you anytime, anywhere with its cool and unique features like JARVIS has in Iron Man movie
  • And third one is the Easy AI Tool for your DIY automation project including smart homes, offices, hospital or robots.

Why MuksOS? Standout features includes:

  • Teachable – It does exactly what you say, if not you can teach voice commands, object recognition and actions.
  • Fast and smooth – Get more done in less time. MuksOS launcher has voice access which makes it faster than any other launcher and saves time.
  • Multiple voice options – MuksOS Launcher has 6 different voice options which you can choose from.
  • 100 % privacy – MuksOS do not store your personal data on cloud.
  • User friendly – no need to scroll pages to search contacts, apps, alarm, reminders etc.
  • Power saver – Saves phone battery and optimizes battery usage.
  • Esthetic theme – Launcher comes with a cool neon glow icons theme that’s sure to stand out on your device.
  • Dark and Light theme – Change theme in a single tap!
  • Works offline – MuksOS can work without internet.
  • Favorite apps – With MuksOS launcher, get direct access to your favorite app from home screen.
  • Hide apps – Hide unwanted and distracting bloat ware.

MuksOS Premium Features

  • Write on Home Screen
    Feeling awkward while talking to your phone? Don’t worry write on home screen to open apps, make a call or web search.
  • Voice Access – Quickly access all your apps, contacts, web searches, reminders, alarm etc. with voice.
  • Speech reminders and Speech alarm – This is new type of reminders where MuksOS speaks with the purpose of reminder. So that you will Never miss an important task again!
  • Smart connect – Create amazing AI projects using MuksOS smart connect feature.
  • Vision ability – Train your mobile for object recognition and connect it for the various actions. And the best thing is it works offline.

Try this

Get direct access to what you want
No more pain of scroll screens to find out Contacts, Apps
Say, “Call to mom”,
Say, “Open contacts”,
Say, “Open camera”,
Say, “Open messages”,
Say, “Open Facebook”,
Say, “Open chrome”,
Say, “Open WhatsApp”,
Say, “Open Gmail”,

Intelligent voice search
No need to go to browser for search Wikipedia or Google search or YouTube videos, all searches from home screen with your voice.
Say, “Google today s news”
Say, “Wiki Bermuda triangle”
Say, “YouTube how to cook idli sambar”

Helps you to get information
Ask useful things, Muks has answer for you.
“What is passion?”
“What is epithelial cells?”
“How to play chess?”
“Who is Galileo?”

Wake in the morning with voice of Muks, how many days we are going to use bells
Get Muks to wake you up in the morning with speech alarm.
Say, “Wake me at 7.00 a.m.”

Speech reminder that can reminds with purpose of reminder
Set Speech Reminders so that you will never forget to take your medicine on time.
Say, “Set reminder for medicine at 9.00 p.m.”

Schedule your whole day without missing tasks
Let MUKS plan your whole day. MUKS makes sure you don’t miss your Gym, Yoga, Medication, Diet & Meetings etc.
Say, “Set reminder for yoga at 8.00 a.m.”
Say, “Set reminder for meeting with Raju at 2 p.m.”

Smart connect
Create amazing AI projects with the help of MuksOS smart connect feature.


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