Notisave Android App

by wedado_f5jp81

The app Notisave makes it easy to manage all the notifications, alerts, and incoming messages sent by apps installed on your device. If you’re someone that usually has loads of notifications, and are looking for a way to read messages right from the notifications shade, try this app and take control of your notifications.

Main features

  • Autosave notifications shown on Noti-bar
  • Keep your Noti-bar clean
  • Search notifications from all apps at once

Supports Whatsapp, FB Messenger and other messengers.

  • Autosave new messages
  • Autosave Status

Read messages privately.

  • Don’t miss anything from now on – read all messages.
  • Read privately, without leaving “read mark” on messengers.

Simple interface.

  • Easy to read.
  • Easy to manage.

Open the app, and you’ll first have to choose which apps to include in the app’s notifications management system, after which you can choose whether or not individual apps can send notifications. If you’re activated notifications, whenever you receive an incoming message, alert, or other notification, you’ll be able to access it right from the Notisave app, or from the customized notifications shade.

Another great feature of this app is it allows users to read messages without the messaging service marking them as read. For example, you could read your WhatsApp or Telegram messages without activating the read receipts, or turning the two check marks on the messages blue.

This app also makes it possible to save notifications for later, so they no longer appear on your notifications bar, and you can read or respond to them when you’re available. Customize all your notifications with the easy-to-use app Notisave.


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