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With our reward system, you can continue using our app for free by just watching ads. Our main difference is by watching ads you will gain 2 hours of free use every time. With this app, it is very easy to track your loved ones.

WaapLog: Online notification system tracking you will be able to track your family members. You can monitor and report their online status while using the applications.

A new study, indicates almost half of teenagers admit to being addicted to their smartphones. The majority of respondents also felt their relationship with technology negatively affected their lives. With our app, you will be able to control social media usage.

❤️ WaapLog Provides: Online Tracking, Last Seen, Detail Reports, Instant notification?
• With our application you will be able to view the time your children are spending online on social media in hours, minutes, and seconds.
• You can test our app by just adding your phone number and start tracking yourself.
• You can easily manage your child’s screen time and be aware of their activities on the internet.
• You can see daily detail tracking reports by just selecting the date that you want to get details.
• With WaapLog you can be online or offline but the number you are tracking will be always tracked.
• WaapLog your last seen notification assistant is a solution to track time spent chatting.

❤️ WaapLog – How to Use Our Online-Offline Notification Tracking system. 🚀🚀

Open the application, add the number you want to track, and that’s all. The tracking starts instantly.
To start the Online Tracking feature, you just need to enter the number of the family member or the number of your loved ones.
After adding the number, WaapLog will start sending instant notifications of the activities of your loved ones to your phone.
When the first notification comes, you can see the WaapLog Online Tracking as mentioned before.
The instant notifications start after your loved ones get online on social media.
You can manage notification settings easily by using our setting page.
You have to be connected to the internet to use our tracking app.

❤️ Why WaapLog?
🚀 See every online and offline date by minute and seconds.
Even if the last seen status is turned off, you can easily follow the activity of family members and loved ones on social media.
🚀 Real-time instant online/offline notifications system
Every time the status of numbers you have followed changes you will get instant notifications. You can delete and add numbers whenever you want.
🚀 4-hour free trial and by just watching reward ads you can easily increase the free trial time.
🚀 Track multiple family members With the WaapLog tracking system, you can manage and get details of multiple family members at the same time.
🚀 You can also name the number you are watching as you wish.
🚀 Dose does not matter that you are blocked we will track for you.
🚀 Dose does not matter that you are offline we will track for you.
🚀 You can see detailed reports with selecting a specific date,
🚀 We offer free support any time you want.

⚠️ Security and Privacy!⚠️
-WaapLog is not affiliated with any of the 3rd party applications on your phone.
– WaapLog is fully compliant with the Policy and EU Personal Data Protection.
– WaapLog does not copy or use your device’s private information.
– WaapLog is an analysis application. It is designed so that you can analyze yourself and your family’s use case.

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