Photo Editing Apps for Android

by wedado_f5jp81

Happy New Year! Spark your creativity and let your photos dazzle in 2024!

Auto cut out pics, simple and pixel-level accurate. Trying hard to be your ONLY background eraser & background changer of photo!

Background Eraser, an intuitive background changer of photo & photo editor, has won the love of 10M+ users. It helps you auto cut out pictures with AI tools, remove background, and make a transparent PNG stamp in Pro-quality. Besides, this background changer boasts a collection of over 200 4k/HD pictures that can be changed with just one tap, making the possibilities endless!

AI background generator:

create amazing visuals by generating a unique AI background specifically for your photo! Describe with a few words, and let AI craft a background that fits the subject of your photo.

Gone are the days of complex photo processing skills. With Background Eraser, you can get an accurate stamp in one tap and use it for:
Transparent background PNG
YouTube thumbnail
Product showcase for e-commerce
Cartoon profile
Podcast cover
Professional photo for website or app
JPEG photo with white background
ID photo background changer

In addition, tons of background changer templates for people, business, animals & holidays continue to be uploaded!

Precise Mode
– Get a pixel-level accurate cutout photo by the powerful AI tech
– It gives you higher quality photos with sharper edges and smoother transitions between object and background

Quick AI Mode
– It recognizes pictures well with people, animals, plants, anime…
– Just select the photo, the AI tool will automatically cut out the object in 1 click
– No need to erase complicate backgrounds awkwardly bit by bit with fingers

Manual Mode
– Quickly outline the object on your photo you want to cut
– Erase and repair the cutout picture easily

Shape Mode
– Crop pictures into a square, rectangle, heart, circle and many shapes as you like
– It is very suitable for make your own stickers or meme

Background remover
This is an easy-to-use background remover app & background changer of photo, which helps you to remove backgrounds from photos and make PNG in one second. Its advanced AI cutout tool will cut out your picture automatically.

Background photo editor
Want to change background for your photo? Try this png maker to remove background from photos at first then you can change the background you like for it. In this background changer of photo, there are more than 100 HD/4K pictures for you to change backgrounds.

Cutout photo editor
Use this advanced cutout photo editor, erase background perfectly with this png maker. It is also a background photo editor and nature photo editor designed for you to make artworks easily and quickly.

About permissions:
– To remove background from photos and make transparent background, Background Eraser needs the “Storage” permission to access photos and files on your device.
– To capture photos and erase background, Background Eraser needs the “Camera” permission to take pictures.

Background Eraser deserves your try right away. It is a convenient png maker and background remover that erase background, make transparent background for you. If you have any problems or suggestions, feel free to let us know. Email:


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