Photo Locker App for Android

by wedado_f5jp81

Calculator is one of the best Locker app to Hide pictures, hide videos & hide files within gallery photo vault hidden behind secret calculator photo locker app. Enjoy most powerful features like cloud backup, private video browser, app lock & intruder alerts.

It uses advanced AES encryption security to lock & unlock files in Realtime to provide maximum possible safety when you hide pictures and private files with fast and smooth experience.

Top Features

Hide all types of files: You can hide photos and videos without anyone finding the existence of this hidden gallery app. Very easy to hide audio, hide notes and all other important documents.

Secret Gallery Locker: You can only open private gallery photo lock app with password or fingerprint lock(for supported devices). Easily keep photos safe in photo locker and videos in video locker.

Lock Folders: Set password for particular folder inside vault and set Cover option. Folders lock option gives double protection when you hide pictures.

Incognito Private Browser: An inbuilt private browser for safe browsing of private websites to download and hide photos, videos and audio from web and lock instantly inside and leaves no traces.

Data loss prevention (Cloud Backup): Backup your locked contact, files, photos and videos to cloud storage so they never get lost. Sync with multiple phones & tablets in Realtime. It is recommended to always use cloud backup when you hide pictures.

Device Migration: Transfer files from old phone to new phone/tablet easily by scanning QR code using same Wi-Fi or hotspot connection.

Offline Backup: You can take a backup of your entire locker in a single bundle file and transfer it into alternate storage device and whenever you want to restore the files, Transfer back into the phone and select Restore option in Backup & Restore settings inside our locker. Backup file is safely encrypted with strong security and can be only restored by you.

File Transfer from Computer: Easily upload contents such as photos, videos, documents and other files from personal computer to the secret locker in the phone over Wi-Fi or hotspot connection. No data will be used for the transfer so it shall perform rapidly.

Privacy Protection (App Lock): Protect your apps to prevent unauthorized access by our applock to lock apps with password and fingerprint for better privacy practice.

Decoy Space: Smart calculator lock app supports fake password to show fake contents in extreme cases when you need to open this app in front of someone. It is very easy to hide photos inside decoy space.

Direct Sharing: Share your hidden files directly to social apps whenever you needed.

Break-in Alerts: Secretly snaps a picture of intruder who attempts to access with a wrong password in your app lock. Safe locker captures a photo, the time stamp and PIN code entered by all intruders and show them when you open the privacy locker.

Place Down Lock: The app will perform action given by you when your phone screen faces downward to the earth. You can choose to close this photo hide app or open a website or even other app in emergency.

This app uses device administrator permission to protect app to prevent accidental uninstallation. Uninstall protection is recommended by our team when you move files or hide pictures to external sdcard storage to prevent loss any of your important encrypted file.


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