Photo,video locker Android App

by wedado_f5jp81

Secret calculator photo lock is hidden safe photo locker & video locker to provide extra layer of security with private gallery to lock photos and keep in safe space from other people. Easy hide pictures and hide videos from the public gallery, When others will only be able to see a normal calculator installed on your phone.


Hide Pictures & Hide Videos
Calculator Photo Locker app lets you hide personal images and short videos or long movies with advanced protection. Organize your photos to manage easily using folders. You can also hide multiple images and videos.

Instant Hide by Share
You can directly hide photos and secret videos from phone gallery or external SD card by sharing to calculator photo lock app.

Direct capture photos and videos
Take photos or record videos from inside the lock app that will be instantly get hidden inside the gallery photo & video vault.

Latest App Lock
Choose your favorite style to lock apps using PIN or Pattern lock. You can keep photos safe from other people trying to open your social apps. Also supports fingerprint sensor lock.

Privacy Browser
View websites via build-in privacy browser. Keep others away from your private browser history using incognito mode. You can hide pictures and hide videos directly from browser.

Disguised icons
Calculator Lock app icon magically disappears and gets replaced with a secret icons you choose. You can also start this calculator lock app without icon from your phone’s Settings/Apps/Gallery Lock/MANAGE SPACE.

Snap Intruder
Capture photos of Intruder when someone tries to break in your privacy by entering the wrong passwords with time. You can also set an email alert.

Decoy Photo Locker
Open fake gallery video vault using alternate password to show fake hidden photos to other people.

Phone Display Flip Action
Your vault app will perform a quick action set by you when your device faces downward to the ground. You can choose to close the vault or open a website or other selected app in emergency situation to secure private album.

App lock disguise cover
Disguise your app lock screen to prevent from breaking into your password. Fingerprint scanner and fake force close design will help you hide the real app lock screen.

Calculator protection
Prevents Secret Calculator video vault app from being uninstalled by the kids or strangers.
This app uses the Device Administrator permission to protect unwanted uninstall by someone else.

This app uses Accessibility Service for the app lock. This service save your battery power and improve the overall app lock speed by reducing tasks. We ensure you that we never collect any data from the accessibility service or device administrator permission.

Restore media
Once you Hide Pictures and Lock Videos inside the vault, You can anytime use the export icon provided in the vault app to unhide your media whenever needed. You can directly share picture or video to social apps without need of restoring the media to the public gallery.

Some frequently asked questions

Q: If I uninstall the app, can I get my pictures back when I reinstall the app?
A: Uninstallation the app means delete the app and all the locked files inside it. Re-installing would not recover those deleted files. So please make sure to unhide and restore to public gallery of all your hidden files before uninstalling this app.

Q: What about if I lost my phone or broken?
A: Your vault files are stored inside the device only and not online. We do not collect your private files so we would not have any backup with us.

Q: If I forgot my password?
A: If you ever forget the code to open the secret vault, You can always Recover Password by your registered e-mail id and regain access to this app by, Input 7777 then = button in our Calculator App to start password recovery option.


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