Private Browser Android App

by wedado_f5jp81

Private Browser is the best privacy keeper on web browsing. Private Browser can disguise itself to be a calculator on your phone and when you input your PIN in the calculator it turns to a full featured browser with super speed.


  • Keep away from others
    • If someone else play with your phone he can not find Private Browser. Because it already turns itself to a Calculator .
    • You can input PIN in this “calculator” to access browser part of private browser
  • Download encryption
    • The browser encrypts the downloaded file. Files such as videos and pictures cannot be recognized by other apps or system libraries, and can only be recognized and opened in the browser.

  • Adblocker
    • There is a powerful built-in tool called Ad-Blocker in Private Browser. With the Ad block function, Private Browser can effectively block annoying ads, pop-ups, banners, as well as some specific Javascript, to give you a comfortable browsing experience. Furthermore, the Ad block of Private Browser can not only make the page loading speed faster, but also reduce the internet data usage for users.
  • Incognito Mode
    • Browsing without leaving any history, cookies, cache etc. Incognito mode makes your browsing experience perfectly private and secret.
  • Super Speed
    • Private Browser is made base on System level component Webview built-in on your phone. The system-level component is more faster than any other standalone app browser. So Private Browser has the best rendering speed on your phone.
  • Text search
  • Personalized bookmarks
  • Multi-tab control

Private browser is a fast, free and stable web browser app with free VPN proxy. It provides the strongest privacy and security. Supports the entire platform without registration, high-speed unlimited traffic, one-click connection! Download now!


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