Recover Lost Phone using Chat Messages

by wedado_f5jp81

Use this app to play a loud siren on your mobile, switch on torch light, etc. when you have lost or misplaced your phone or when your phone is not with you. You can do this by just using Chat Messages.

While sending Chat Messages command to control your phone, you will also have to send a PIN which acts as your password. Please don’t share the PIN with others. If you think someone else knows the PIN of yours, you can go to the settings tab of the app and change the PIN. It is good practice to keep changing the PIN regularly.

Commands using Chat Messages
App allows you to perform following commands on your device:

  • Help PIN: Sends the list of Commands that can be executed.
  • Siren PIN: Rings a loud siren by increasing the volume even when the mobile is in silent mode. Helps track the phone when misplaced.
  • Vibrate PIN: Vibrates the phone for 10 seconds.
  • Torch PIN: Switches flashlight on for 30 seconds.
  • Battery PIN: Get the battery charge status to keep yourself informed about how low the battery is.
  • Location PIN: If location settings is enabled, get the Google Map location of your device.
  • App PIN: Replies with App URL.

Compliance with Google Play policies and GDPR
To be compliant with Google Play policies and GDPR the app does the following

  • Displays notification in notification bar whenever the app runs in background to inform the user about the app running in background. These notifications cannot be disabled and are not optional.
  • Has options within the app to turn off the working of the app where the app stops reading notifications
  • Saves all the commands within the app so that user knows when the app was running and how/what it responded
  • No data is sent out of the device (except the responses to chat messages).
  • All data gets deleted whenever the app is uninstalled.

Not a Spy/Surveillance app since

  • Only the owner of the phone can control his phone as only he/she is aware of the PIN. If he accidentally shares the PIN with others’ the owner can always change the PIN within the app.
  • The app displays notifications every-time it runs in background and the notification is displayed when the app replies to a chat message. These notifications stays till it is cleared by user
  • The user can open the app and check the history of chat messages that were replied to. Additionally, app never tries to delete any data or chat messages. So the chat messages and it’s replies will anyway be there in the Chat messaging app for the user to see.

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