Roopay shoppe Business Android App

by wedado_f5jp81

Roopay shoppe is an online & offline shopping with 247 non-stop earning app for user and tie up sellers. The person registered with Roopay shoppe can purchase or service online and offline at the shops affiliated with Roopay shoppe. When you purchase or service offline, you have to pay through Roopay shoppe QR code.

Then the discount will be given by the person who tied up with Roopay shoppe. 247 hours income if user business is combined. This allows you to get all online or offline purchasing or service for free. When you tie up your business with Roopay shoppe, your own reinvestment can be gradually reduced, and you can do business without the own reinvestment.

Apart from this, there are 10 types of referral income. Long time marketing executive job available. This ROOPAY SHOPPE app is made up of types that generate income from the cost we make for our basic needs. More information contact


  • Roopay Shoppe is designed to bring together manufacturers, sellers, and purchasers from all over the world under ROOPAY SHOPPE ONE WORLD ONE FAMILY BUSINESS.
  • Roopay shoppe that connects everyone with the Business wallet.
  • Roopay Shoppe is designed to recoup the money spent by the customer on purchasing goods.
  • Business value (BV) is given when the customer buys goods in Roopay shoppe shop or tie up shop through the website Online or offline and when using the service.
  • One business value (BV) is equal to one Indian rupee. 1 BV=1 INR. Each person who joins the business wallet roopay shoppe will be given a referral code and an hourly income position number. This position number provides an hourly share (ONE CRORE -1,00,00,000-10 million BV)for those who are associated with the business wallet. This share is available worldwide in roopay shoppe business customer, business wallet based on the position number percentage of the business value of the hourly purchase.
  • Roopay shoppe is innovating in the shopping and referral revenue system at the time of purchase and referral marketing.
  • Roopay shoppe team of experts who have conducted various studies to fully examine the methods and issues in vendors and customers.
  • We have developed a new way to use the business wallet and the Universal Royalty hourly income plan with a position number. It is designed to fully benefit customers and sellers by joining the hourly income plan of the business wallet worldwide.
  • We have taken every possible step to increase opportunities for people from marketing and referral networks. Roopay shoppe is registered by RBUY MARKETING PRIVATE LIMITED.


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