Save Money on International Calls

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Save money on international calls with Pingo! Make cheap international calls or send SMSes at great rates. Enjoy high quality VoIP calls, low rates, and an easy to use online service.

Buy Voice Credit and pick your favorite plan, according to your calling needs. This way you can make cheap international calls to Mexico, India, China, Colombia, Cuba, Thailand, Vietnam, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria and many other countries worldwide.

NEW! Offline Calling – this feature is meant to allow app users to connect calls without WiFi or 3G/4G-LTE, through local access numbers.
This feature will help you call any contact number without an Internet connection. For any international contacts you may need to call, a local phone number will be instantly made available for you.

• Optimized for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch
• Use with WiFi & 3G/4G-LTE
• Pay per minute, no hidden fees

• Cheap rates for international phone calls
• Lowest rates
• No hidden fees
• 1 minute rounding
• $2 minimum order
• 100% call quality
• Access from any iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch
• Direct access to your contacts
• 24/7 Customer Service

1. Create an account or log in
2. Buy Voice Credit if you don’t have a PIN yet
3. Start calling or texting using one of the calling plans available

Calling Rates
*Check the rate/min for the destination you want to call in our Rates tab!

Help Center
*Check out the answer to our frequently asked questions in our Help Center tab.

Set my Caller ID
*Let your friends know who’s calling them! Set your Caller ID directly from the app.

Rate our app
*We value your opinion. Please let us know if you like our app!

• Use your own Contacts list
• Create new account from the app
• Use Speed Dial to call your favorite numbers faster
• Set Auto Recharge on our online store to make sure you never run out of credit

• Use our access numbers from any mobile or landline.

It’s time to save on international calls with Pingo!

We recommend that you turn off international calling with your mobile provider. This way, there will be no risk to make international calls by accident using your current provider at much higher rates.

Having issues with the Pingo app? Please email us at

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