Seanet Voice App for Android

by wedado_f5jp81

SeanetVoice is a calling app that offers High-Quality voice calls, video and cheap international calls to your loved ones and business meetings anywhere in the world. Enjoy high quality cheap calls to any country in the world including India, Mexico, UAE, Nigeria, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Bangladesh, El Salvador, Ecuador, Cuba, Ghana, United Kingdom, Kenya, Pakistan, Ethiopia, Australia and more. 


  • Free Voice Calls 
  • Superior crystal-clear audio- conference 
  • Pay less, talk more 
  • Cheapest rates for premium-quality international calls 
  • 100%callquality  Receive a confirmation of your call duration and what the call cost you. 
  • Custom plans to meet your calling need
  • To pup internationally without hidden fees 
  • Invite friends and earn free calling credits 

  • Automatic recharge. Enable automatic recharge and never run out of credit.  
  • No hidden fees. 
  • Check the rate per minute for the destination you want to call before making your call. 
  • Easy to use calling app. 
  • Simply download the app and get started in minutes. 
  • Seamless integration. 
  • Our international calling app integrates with your contacts. 
  • Buy call credit online. 
  • Choose from 50+ payment methods or buy credit in-store. 
  • Recent call overview. See the number of minutes that you have called abroad


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