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by wedado_f5jp81

The secret code book for all 2021 mobiles includes the Android secret code of all Android mobiles.
The latest secret code book for all 2021 mobiles is an Open Source application allowing you to scan your device and discover the hidden features of your Android phone and you can become the master of Android phones
The latest 2021 mobile secret code book includes the Android secret code of all mobile brand devices like QMobile. Samsung, Sony, Lenovo, Sony Ericson, Motorola, BlackBerry, China, HTC, LG, MicroSoft / Windows Nokia Phones, Android Secret Codes with general codes and others.

The latest secret code book for all 2021 mobiles includes network, WLAN test, firmware version information, factory tests, PDA, display IMEI number, Super Mode, update verification day, device reset, device unlock, forgotten pattern recovery, engineering mode, GPS test mode, Machine information, RGB photography test and much more, reset factory, sim lock, sim unlock, phone information, battery history, usage statistics and Wifi information, discover IMEI, turn off your smartphone, view device information, view firmware information, show Wi – Mac Fi address, access to Gtalk service, access to email information, display of calendar events, camera information, internal lighting test, screen test, inform touch screen actions, RAM memory version, Bluetooth test and much more.

Using Latest Secret Codes for all mobiles you can learn the hidden features of your mobile phone and you can become the master of the phone by knowing all hidden tricks of your phone and all the other brand phones. Android secret is very helpful for programmers and the mobile software developer they can learn all hidden features of the phone
Some secret codes in android secret codes for all mobiles is universal and applied in all the brand phones.

The android secret codes contain numeric sequence and or symbols by applying that you can access the hidden settings of your phone. You can use these android secret codes very carefully because if you use hidden codes in wrong brand phone then it can damage your phone so please use these codes after reading completer details and applied on relevant brand.
You can now discover the complete secret code book of your Android and all other mobile phone devices.

You can copy and paste any secret code to the clipboard by long pressing the code button, you can also enter these secret mobile codes manually from the phone call dialer. You can also share these secret mobile codes on all social media platforms in this app like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, etc.

The latest secret Codes for all mobiles 2020 includes the following features
Network secret code

  • GPS secret code
  • Bluetooth secret code
  • WLAN secret test code
  • Usage statistics Check the update
  • Reset the device
  • Unlock the device
  • Restore the forgotten pattern
  • engineering mode
  • GPS test mode
  • Touch the test codes
  • The test device is an original or a copy
  • Check the timing of the battery
  • Machine information
  • Phone display codes are locked, unlocked
  • Phone verification codes
  • Information on the firmware version secret code
  • Factory tests, PDA
  • Hard rest code
  • Forgotten password
  • Display the IMEI number
  • Supermode
  • Secret codes of all functions
  • Service menu
  • factory reset
  • SIM lock codes
  • SIM unlock code
  • telephone information
  • Battery information

WiFi information code

  • battery history
  • Software information code
  • Hardware information
  • Try Photograph RGB and more.
  • Screen test Some examples of secret codes are given below

Samsung Mobile secret codes:

  • # 1234 # used to check the software version of the phone
  • # 0028 # used to check the battery status
  • # 0011 # used to check the service menu

IPhone Mobile Secret Codes:

  • # 06 # used to display the IMEI number
  • # 31 # used to hide the number


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