Spam Blocker & Caller ID For Android

by wedado_f5jp81

Identify phone numbers and block spam calls with Nize Caller ID & Call Blocker. Nize is an easy-to-use caller ID detector and spam call blocker app for Android, which enables you to get contact info on who’s calling you, block spam calls & robocall attempts, filter calls from blocklisted numbers, and more.


Identify caller ID
Identify unknown contacts, hence learn who’s calling your phone, even if you missed the call itself, using the intelligent caller ID reader capabilities.

Block spam & robocall attempts
Nize call blocker includes robust fraud detection & scam block options, which enables you to receive instant spam alerts, define fraud numbers & block robocalls, spam phone calls, telemarketers, aggressive advertising, annoying survey requests, etc.

Protect yourself from unwanted calls
Use the build-in call screener in your Nize app to create personalized blacklists based on your call history, hence ensuring the call blocking is fast & easy.

In fact, you won’t even need to bother with getting annoying calls, as the in-app screener will block unwanted callers from the created list automatically.

Get offline access to a global call database
Enjoy extensive reverse phone lookup options and check unknown phone numbers anytime in a click, even if you’re offline via the massive ID caller name database.

Share your spam blacklists with others
Contribute to the global anti-spam initiative by adding spam risk numbers to a shared database, right upon their detection.

Get better phone security for free
With Nize app you get access to the vast variety of the security protect and call filter functionality for free, without paying a dime.

Overlay (run over other apps) – ensures the correct display of an incoming caller ID on the call screen.

In addition, you can configure a wide array of settings the first time you’re using Nize, specifically those concerning app stability and usability.

Disable battery optimization in order to ensure the proper caller identification.
Block calls from low-rated numbers – turn on this feature to stop spam calls from phone numbers with a two-star rating or less.

Protect yourself from fraud with Nize caller ID & spam blocking app for Android!


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