TapTap Screenshot Android App

by wedado_f5jp81

If you feel upset to turn on flashlight to shine the way, or do something in the dark, but it tooks many operations to turn on flashlight. You want to use a flashlight on the lock screen without entering a password or fingerprint to unlock.

“TapTap Flashlight” app will solve the problem entirely.Turn on flashlight very easily by double tap to back panel.Use at any time: in the app, home screen and just like lock screen.Just an easy operation, double tap to back panel to turn on Screenshot will light immediately.

Application features:

  • Turn on/off TapTap Screenshot right on your home screen or lock screen.
  • Simple interface easy to use.
  • Save battery and memory optimization.

Manual application “TapTap Screenshot”

  • Open the application.
  • Enable Accessibility Services
  • Enable Battery Optimization
  • Done

Change TapTap Screenshot Settings according to your requirement.

Tap, Tap is an app that lets you use gestural shortcuts by tapping the back of your smartphone, so long as the model you have allows it. This feature was first implemented in Android 11 (on smartphones with ARMv8 architecture only).

With this app, you can use gestural shortcuts on the back of your smartphone to open apps, change settings, go home, go back, take screenshots, turn on the flashlight, and more. From the options menu, you can set up various ‘gates’ that block shortcuts in certain circumstances. For example, you can block all back-of-smartphone shortcuts when you’re taking a call or have a specific app open.

TapTap is an interesting app to try if you have a compatible smartphone, as it gives you an additional layer of customization to play around with, further streamlining actions you take on a daily basis.


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