Top Telegram Tips & Tricks

by wedado_f5jp81

An increasing number of people are using the popular messaging service Telegram every day. We figured it would be a good idea to cover some unique and cool Telegram tips and techniques for you guys and gals since there are so many first-time users. Your stay will only be more manageable and convenient on the messaging app as a result.

Groups and channels are available on Telegram, along with bots that can give responsibilities to users and automate tasks and information retrieval. To see how far down the rabbit hole Telegram goes, let’s look at it more closely.

Let’s start with a security feature since the majority of users that transfer from WhatsApp to Telegram do it for privacy and security concerns. You can configure Telegram to automatically erase messages if you are offline for a predetermined amount of time. There’s no reason to be concerned about what will happen after death.

To select a time period, go to Settings > Privacy and Security and touch on If Away For. Particularly if you don’t use Telegram frequently, you might choose a length of time like six months. If not, it could be removed just because you were less engaged than usual, which is something we don’t want to happen.

Telegram allows you control over your alerts if you don’t want to be inundated with them. If you don’t want to disturb your contact, you can send a silent message. The message will be sent to the intended recipient, but no sounds or vibrations will alert them to it.

Write your message and hold the Send button down for a few seconds before touching it to send it. When you do this, a secret menu will appear where you can schedule a message or select Send Without Sound.

Up to 200,000 users can join groups and channels on Telegram. Every day, hundreds of messages will be posted to an active group or channel, making it challenging to quickly remember who said what. Fortunately, administrators can switch on Slow Mode, which makes users wait for a predetermined period of time before sending another message.

Select the duration at the bottom of the page after opening the group and selecting Edit > Permissions.
As a result, members will think more carefully before sending a message and utilise one message to cover all of their bases rather than sending out two or three.

No matter where you travel, this makes the world accessible to you. You can discover new organisations and meet new neighbours if you enable the Nearby option. Please take note that this feature must also be enabled for these users and groups.

The option can be found on the Contacts tab. When prompted, grant location permissions, and you’re all set to meet new people and discover hip local organisations.

On social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram, you presumably already use #hashtags to search and filter topics. The same idea applies here as well. It is simple. To see all messages that contain a specific hashtag, simply hit the search bar and type the term after the hashtag. This is a great method to organise chats and filter messages. It is simple to filter search results by usernames and time frames after entering the hashtag.

One more amusing Telegram trick. Are you using Telegram too frequently for your own good? too many chat heads and groups? You may now use labels in Telegram to group these messages into folders. similar to how we organise emails with Gmail labels and make sense of the approaching landslide.
To create your first folder, go to Settings > Chat Folders. Common categories include “house,” “office,” “NSFW,” and “hobby.”

Additional Features

  • Bots To The Rescue
  • Edit Sent Messages
  • Delete Messages On Both Ends
  • Share Gif And Youtube Videos
  • Copy Part Of Message


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