Touch Lock Android App

by wedado_f5jp81

Touch Lock will disable screen touch and hide buttons, while any video player is running. When you or your child watch videos, it locks touchscreen and disables touch for navigational buttons, so you stay locked inside the video streaming service.

Child lock for videos – block screen touch and lock keys while your toddler can now safely watch any video player without interruption.

Listen free music with screen off – cover the screen and it will really turn off, so that you can put your phone in pocket and listen to a music playlist without interruptions and also save battery from screen usage.


  • Locks all touch while you watch videos in any video player or video stream service.
  • Listen music with screen off and save battery while playing your favorite playlist. (Screen off is disabled by default, so enable it from Touch Lock settings)
  • Baby lock – run some fun baby video or toddler app to your kid and lock the phone with the invisible touch lock
  • Automatically shows a floating lock icon over video player, so that you can easily lock touch input
  • Unlock screen with fingerprint or pattern


  • Keep screen on while Touch Lock is enabled
  • Shake phone to lock touch and unlock (premium feature)
  • Hide unlock button entirely (premium feature)

Touch Lock is an app that lets you lock all the physical buttons and gesture commands on your Android device. This makes it so you can leave the device with a child to watch movies and YouTube videos without having to worry about anything, like them making random phone calls, switching the screen off, opening other apps, nothing. In short, it’s a highly useful app for parents that might even prove useful for other adults who just want to watch movies with no distractions of any kind.


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