Touch Protector Android App

by wedado_f5jp81

Touch Protector is a screen lock application that prevents accidental operation of the touch screen and physical buttons. This app disables the touch operation of other apps on your screen. It’s the most customizable, and there are no ads!
Touch Protector is different from ordinary screen lock apps. Please watch the video below to check it out.

Convenient Use Cases
Touch Protector is a simple app that disables touch screen and physical button operations, but it has many useful uses.
– When walking while looking at a map app, the map does not shift even if you touch the screen.
– Walking with the music video playing in your pocket.
– Locking the camera during video recording allows you to enjoy various camera work without worrying about accidental operation.
– When using your phone as a navigation system for motorcycles, you can prevent accidental operation due to raindrops.
– When tracing a displayed image, you can lock it and place a piece of paper on it.
– When you show a photo to someone, you can lock it and give it to them to prevent them from seeing the other photos.
– etc.
If you have other interesting ways to use it, I would appreciate it if you could write them in the comments.

Basic Usage
– Lock the screen with notification bar, shake, etc.
– Unlock the screen with the volume key.
– It’s easier to understand if you watch the video above.

Recommended Settings
– SHAKE > Shake locking > ON
– SHAKE > Shake sensitivity > Adjust the sensitivity
– PROXIMITY > Proximity covered locking > ON
– UPSIDE DOWN > Upside down locking > ON
– UPSIDE DOWN > Right side up unlocking > ON
– HARD KEYS > Volume up key unlocking > ON
– HARD KEYS > Volume down key unlocking > ON

Emergency Unlock
If you are unable to unlock your phone, please try the following.
– Press the volume button.
– Connect your phone to a power source.
– Make a call to the phone and touch the screen.
– Touch the screen 5 times to display the other unlock methods.
– Remove the SIM card to force reboot your phone.
– Restart your phone forcibly according to the method found by searching for “force restart your-phone-name”.

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