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by wedado_f5jp81

Trustd detects malicious apps, dangerous WiFi networks and protects against scam websites and SMS phishing attacks. No tracking. No ads. We fight for your privacy.

Trustd is a free mobile security and privacy app built in the UK by cybersecurity specialists. The app alerts you when suspicious behaviour is detected on your phone. Trustd uses AI to detect even brand new malicious app behaviour, phishing scams and vulnerable WiFi networks so you’re protected in real-time, all the time.

We’re excited to announce our first in-app subscription for added protection against phishing attacks and scam web content: Safe Browsing.

About Safe Browsing in Trustd Plus:
Basic protection against social media, email and SMS phishing attacks (smishing) is included for free in the Trustd app (basically, when you tap a link that opens your browser), but if you want protection in all browser apps while you’re surfing the web, all of the time, you can upgrade to Trustd Plus.

Trustd Basic Includes:

  • FREE AI-powered mobile security against mobile-borne attacks
  • App Scanner: Scan your device for stalkerware, spyware and other malicious apps
  • Link Checker: Block phishing/scam links from email, text, messaging apps or social media
  • WiFi Scanner: Get an instant alert when you connect to an unsafe WiFi network
  • Device Checker: Checks whether your Android software is out of date and vulnerable
  • Peace of mind: We don’t track you – whatever you do on your phone is private!
  • Privacy from permissions abuse: See when an app tries to access your camera, microphone, takes a screenshot or records your call

Why is Trustd different

  • All core features are completely free, with NO ads
  • Trustd uses AI to spot malicious apps before other security apps know about them.
  • We don’t track individual users and you don’t need an account.
  • Transparency and integrity is our battlecry! We’re committed to your privacy and security
  • We don’t require access to Accessibility Services (which can be abused)
  • We are members of Coalition Against Stalkerware, contributing our research to further the work of Coalition in eradicating stalkerware.

All of the above Basic protection, PLUS

  • Safe Browsing: Browse the web from any browser app, and get instant alerts if you visit a spoof or malicious website that wants to steal your data or drop malware.
  • Manage allowed websites: Add websites to your safe list if you trust them.


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