Unseen Gallery Android App

by wedado_f5jp81

Unseen Gallery performs a full scan for your device searching for images files which are not shown in the main gallery app and are cached in other files.
These images may be cached copies of existing or deleted images.


How to preview an image in a bigger size?
Just press and hold on the image.

Can i use Unseen Gallery to recover deleted images?
You may,if you didn’t use cleaner app after deleting the images you may find cached version of the deleted images and recover them.

Does it support Videos?
No,just JPEG and PNG images for now

Does it support Samsung’s Secure FolderĀ® ?
Yes, it is fully supported.

Is it safe to delete any shown image in Unseen Gallery?
The answer depends on which app created these images and what it do with it,and you have the full responsibility to delete any image.

Can i support you?
Sure, You can spread the word about the app or give good feedback and ratings.

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