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OTT / IPTV service ViNTERA.TV is for broadcasting and watching TV channels on all Internet-connected devices: Smart TV TVs, Android / iOS mobile devices, OTT / IPTV set-top boxes, Desktop, etc.

ViNTERA.TV service offers up to 400 TV channels in more than 20 languages. The number of TV channels varies by country, provider and device. TV channels of the service contain national, public, thematic, regional and other TV channels.
Free online TV channels of the service include movies, TV series, cartoons, news, sports, fishing, hunting, music, TV shows, humor, etc. for every taste.
You can watch online TV in ViNTERA.TV service anytime, anywhere and on any screen.

The application includes sections: INTERNET TV, IPTV, TV+, FAVORITES, EPG, NO AD, SEARCH, SETTINGS.
Subscribers of more than 6000 providers and IPTV operators around the world have access to TV channels of their local networks in the IPTV section. Local IPTV / Internet providers can integrate TV playlists of their network into the IPTV section of the ViNTERA.TV app gratis.
It is enough to provide a playlist (.m3u) with the range of operators’ IP addresses to

TV channels in this section are collected in small packages (Cinema TV, Active TV, Kids’ TV, Mix TV, etc.) on the most affordable terms.
Subscription to TV packages is possible for 1, 7, 30 days and 3, 6, 12 months. At the same time, the subscription price is lower, the longer the subscription period.
A simple and convenient TV program (EPG) will always help you choose the content you are interested in.
The app contains TV channels in more than 20 languages.
You can disable external ads for 1, 3, 6, 12 months. At the same time, the price is lower, the longer the period.

Simple and user-friendly interface of the application allows you to:
– put your favorite TV channels in the FAVORITES section in the order you need;
– set a convenient aspect ratio and screen size using the AUTO and ZOOM buttons.
In the app MENU there are available:
– search through the list of TV channels;
– filters by country, genre and language in the SETTINGS section;
– UDProxy support for smartphones and tablets that do not support multicast broadcasting (in the SETTINGS section).
ViNTERA.TV app is a part of the international multiscreen OTT / IPTV platform.
The service is available worldwide on all Internet-compatible devices: Smart TVs, iOS / Android mobile devices, OTT / IPTV set-top boxes, desktop.
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1. Integration of TV channel in the multiscreen OTT / IPTV ViNTERA.TV service that is available on all Internet-connected devices.
2. Technological distribution of a TV channel to any cable, satellite, IPTV operators, OTT services and social networks. Many years of experience, reliable technology for the best prices.
3. Access to independent online statistics that allow you to optimize your TV channel’s program. The ability to retrospectively analyze the number and duration of views, unique users, traffic, platforms, browsers, etc.
4. The best conditions for CDN services on the market. A global system for the delivery and distribution of TV channels and TV / video broadcasts to all Internet-connected devices. The ability to manage and encrypt streams.
5. Creating a TV channel (editing, converting to IP, streaming) from the content of the rightholder with the possibility of remote control. Free trial period – 30 days.

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