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Freeje turns your smartphone into a second phone line as a virtual SIM.
FreeJe does not provide any free or trial numbers for receiving SMS or online verification.

FreeJe is a VoIP app that provides you a fully featured phone line and virtual number as virtual SIM, which allows you to keep your business aside from your personal communication. It is a free VoIP application and we won’t bother you with any sort of ads, there are no ads at all. You can get a virtual number to serve as a dedicated business line with free incoming calls and SMS starting from just $5 per month. Moreover, you can use this virtual number on the go.
FreeJe does not provide any free or trial numbers for receiving SMS.

Freeje virtual SIM is the most affordable and cheap VoIP app if your goal is to get a virtual number as a dedicated business line or second phone line. It does not matter whether you are an individual, holding small or international business, Freeje virtual SIM is always with you.

What can Freeje virtual SIM do for you and your business?

Save money: There will be no roaming at all for international calling and we don’t have any long term contracts. Freeje offers a pay as you go credit system with international calls or international texts starting from $0.01 per minute. And you can get a international business line for just $5 per month.
Privacy: Keep your personal and business life separate with a dedicated business number as a second line on your smartphone.
Flexibility: Stay productive while on the go by taking your business communication with you. Being professional or business traveler, or business owner you will be able to stay connected and productive by having access to your important business calls, fax, texts, caller-ID, call forwarding and voicemails.

Freeje virtual SIM is:
Pay as you go. Receive $0.2 free credits upon signup to test our services and purchase additional credits as needed.
Easy to use
Get started just in 15 seconds without any hardware to configure or purchase.
You will have connection in any part of the world with crystal clear voice quality and professionals supporting you.

● Virtual numbers of more than 70 countries
● Virtual Fax Number allows you to have a international fax number without having a fax machine
● One-time SMS numbers for verification
● Toll-free telephone number (800 number)
● SMS number for phone calls as well as for receiving SMS.
● Professionally recorded greeting message
● Top tier support
● Landline numbers with ability to send and receive SMS
● Caller ID
● Mini PBX mode
● Call forwarding
● No ads
● Free and unlimited app to app calling and messaging
● Available in 4 global languages on smartphones and tablets
● Crystal clear call quality
● International and domestic functionality
● Outgoing call or text starting 1 cent/min

Freeje offers business phone number starting from $5 per month.
Most of the virtual numbers are connected automatically (immediately).

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