Volume Booster -Sound Booster Android App

by wedado_f5jp81

Free volume booster for android is a simple, small but powerful app to boost volume of your phone and tablet to max volume. Useful for movies, audio books, music and games.

  • Do you always feel that the default system volume is very low?
  • Do you always feel that the headphones volume is not loud enough?
  • Do you always feel that listening to music can’t excite you?

It’s all because you lack a powerful Bass Booster & Super Volume Booster 2021 & Equalizer!

Volume-booster & Bass booster & Audio enhancer can increase volume of all media, including music, video, ringtone, alarm volume and etc.

Speaker booster & Headphone booster can boost volume of mobile phone speaker, headphones, external speaker and Bluetooth.

Bass booster & Equalizer & Sound App can give the music bass a louder volume and allow you feel the bass and immerse you in the 3D super volume+.

Super volume booster for android is exactly what you need!!!This magic Volume-booster and Speaker-booster has a clean and cool interface with brilliant UI. Only one tap to enjoy a louder volume than default system volume!

Now download this fantastic sound-booster app to enjoy the sound magic!

  • Open Super Booster Volume App
  • Start your favourite music player directly from music booster app
  • Adjust volume level as you like

If you want to amplify the volume of your video or audiobook, you can open sound booster for android first and let it run in background, the only thing you need to do is open your video or audiobook!

With Extra volume booster pro & Bass booster you will never bother with the bass and default volume!
Download audio enhancer and use it AT YOUR OWN RISK


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