WA Call Blocker Android App

by wedado_f5jp81

Are you looking for a free app to disable or block WhatsApp calls ?
Want a do not disturb spam blocker for WhatsApp that will block all unwanted calls from your friends or unknown numbers?

Call Blocker For WhatsApp can help you to blocks unwanted WhatsApp calls, private calls, unknown calls, anonymous calls, strangers, custom, etc. Our spam call blocker gives you the peace of mind you deserve!


  • Block any number, spam calls, fraud numbers with call blacklist
  • Block Incoming calls and reject unwanted calls automatically
  • Block voice calls, video calls or Both
  • Schedule Call Blocking to block calls in a particular time
  • Allow limit calls to blacklist numbers with Automating mode
  • Enable whitelist to avoid blocking your favorite contacts/numbers
  • Block unknown contacts not in your address book
  • View Record logs of rejected blocked numbers
  • Turn on or off call blocking any time
  • Powerful, simple and light call blocking app
  • 100% Free Block calls without limits.
  • Easily find contacts

Download Call Blocker For WhatsApp!

WA Call Blocker works by filtering out unsolicited calls from unknown or personalised phone numbers. You may also schedule and disable call blocking. This app has no free block limits. There are no restrictions on the amount of blocked calls. If you don’t like the app’s blocking features, you may delete it.

However, ensure that you are satisfied with the call blocking feature of WA Call Blocker. Otherwise, you can get a lot of nuisance calls that are banned.

You may use WA Call Blocker to prevent unknown numbers from contacting your phone, to block custom calls, and to adjust your privacy settings. You may also report spammers directly from the app. There is no cap on the amount of blocked calls.

You may select whether to ban only known contacts or unknown numbers. If you choose, you may also schedule blocked calls and disable call blocking. This application is free and does not need a monthly charge.

Blocking unregistered numbers is one of the most effective techniques to prevent spam on WhatsApp. This software uses WhatsApp to notify you anytime an unknown number sends you a message. The message can be ignored, reported, or added to your contacts list.


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