Whatsbox Android App

by wedado_f5jp81

Whatsbox – Whatstools has many features to make your chat app very smooth, robust and powerful. It’s very simple to customize as per your need. All the features list out below.

WhatsBox is the super fun tool for the worlds most popular chat app. WhatsBox also has its own in built chat groups to keep you interacting with others. Check out all the cool features of app below:


  • Status saver / status downloader / status copier : Save friends status images and video.
  • tricks and tips
  • private read / email read
  • chat group join link up / girls group / different group names
  • video trimmer / long videos to staus
  • video to status
  • virus/spyware protection
  • Whats lock
  • trending status
  • video status
  • interactive status
  • smileys for social media
  • text styler
  • Whats cleaner
  • snoozer
  • blank chat for social media
  • open chat: Send messages to any numbers those are not saved in your contact list.
  • text repeater
  • updater
  • backup.
  • who viewed my profile (not yet completed – in beta stage)
  • who is online (not yet completed – in beta stage)
  • Security breach alerts via email

WhatsBox is handy tool for chat app. It’s easy to customize your WhatzAp. In this app, there are so many in-built functionalities that help you while chatting via any chat app.

Additional features of WhatsBox

  • Blank Chat: Send blank message to your friends.
  • Message Chat: Send chat to many friends at same time.
  • Recover Deleted Message: Its help to recover WhatzAp deleted message that by mistake deleted.
  • Caption Status: 1000+ caption(WhatzAp quote) are available.
  • Quick Reply: Send quick replay to friends.
  • Emoticons: Different type of many text based emoji that express your feeling and mood.
  • Text Changer: 2 option in text changer. Text Generator and Text Waves.
  • Using text generator, you can generator one word into different type of cute font.
  • Using text waves, you can write one word into different type of style.
  • Text Repeater: repeat one word in so many times.
  • Inbuilt photo viewer and video player.


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