WiFi WPS Connect For Android

by wedado_f5jp81

WiFi WPS Connect – wifi connect & speed test app is a simple ,useful and powerful tool to check and detect wifi password and WPS risk. This app can connect wifi connections and test all accurate speed of data Download ,Upload , PING and measure wifi Signal stregth.

WiFi WPS Connect is focused on checking that your router is vulnerable to a default PIN. Many of the routers that the companies install, their own vulnerabilities such as the PINs they are using. With this app you can check whether your router is vulnerable or not, and act accordingly

WiFi WPS Connect checks the security of your network using WPS protocol.

WiFi WPS Connect protocol allows you to connect to a WiFi network using an 8-digit pin number that usually is predefined in the router.

Use is very simple, when scanning networks around us, you will see networks with a red cross, these are “secure” networks, they have disabled the WPS protocol and default password is unknown.

You just need to be a Root user to see the passwords, to connect on Android 9/10 and for some extra function.

This app uses these pins to try to connect to the network and check whether it is vulnerable. It implements known algorithms for pin generation and it also tries the default pins for that vendor. It can calculate the default pin for some routers.

The use is really easy, just scan networks around you, and you will see a list of networks / access points available. Every network will show its config information. Looking at this info you can check if a network has WPS enabled or not.

Wifi Speed Test feature is also available in the app for any android phone device which helps you to discover all the devices connected to your WiFi. Wi-Fi channel analysis helps you find a less crowded channel for your wifi router. This Wi-Fi speed provides useful information about the wireless signals around you. You can check download ,upload and PING speed. Also show connected wifi network signal strength.

NOTICE: Not all networks are vulnerable and that the network appears as such does not guarantee 100% that it is, several companies have updated firmware of their routers to correct the fault.

The application was developed for educational purposes.
In this application you can check if your router is vulnerable or not.
if you realize someone has security problem you must inform immediately.

WiFi WPS Connect application requires to grant a location permission and turning on GPS location for Android 6.0 or higher.

Please let us know if you will find any bugs in WiFi WPS Connect application. And don’t forget to share app with your friends.


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