X Icon Changer Android App

by wedado_f5jp81

X Icon Changer is a totally free and useful app which can help you change & customize icons and names for any apps. The new icons can be chosen from gallery, other app icons and lots of personalized icon packs. Our app will create a shortcut to the new icon on your home screen. This is the easiest way to decorate your android phone.


  • Enter X Icon Changer.
  • Choose an app.
  • Select a new icon from the built-in icon packs, your gallery, other app icons or personalized third-party icon packs.
  • Edit a new name (can be null) for the app.
  • Go to the home screen / desktop to see the new shortcut icon.
  • Add a GIF to play an interesting GIF animation when the new app icon launches.


On Android 8.0 and above, the system will automatically add a watermark to the shortcut icon. We provide a way for you to perfectly change app icons without any watermarks using widget technology:

  • Go to the home screen / desktop, long press a blank space and then click “Widgets” in the pop-up menu.
  • Find “X Icon Changer” on the widget page, long press it and drag it to your desktop.
  • The X Icon Changer widget will open automatically. After that, you can change your app icons without any watermarks.

There are lots of selected personalized icon packs built into X Icon Changer. The app and those icon packs are all free to get. Just download X Icon Changer now to decorate your android phone.

X Icon Changer is a super useful app that you can use to change up your apps’ icons with unique designs. If you want to give your smartphone a new and totally customized look, this is the app for you. With it, you can swap out one icon for another, including those you design yourself.

The advantage of using this app is that you can select any image from your gallery as an icon for a given app. Put a photo of your pet as the icon for your favorite game or make a special image to help you find a certain app in an instant. With X Icon Changer, you can let your imagination run wild.

Besides custom icons, you can also use this app to change the app’s name to whatever you want. X Icon Changer even includes an icon exchange option where you can use one app’s icon as another’s with nothing more than a tap.

Every time you download a new app, X Icon Changer will notify you in case you want to change its icon immediately. Finally, you can choose the appropriate crop for whatever image you select in order to get the perfect look. After that, the icon will appear in most places, although the real one will still be shown in your smartphone’s complete list of apps.


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