Aroundsound Audio Recorder For Android

by wedado_f5jp81

Aroundsound is the easiest way to capture and share moments of your everyday life using sound. Make a sound recording, add a title and description, then share it with your friends and family.

You can create a collection and invite your friends and family to comment or add their own sounds. We can’t stop time, but sound helps us to relive special moments in a unique way – the highlights and the in between moments.

Aroundsound gives you a unique link to share your sound recording with whom you choose.
Recordings shared with you are all saved in your incoming sounds collection

Organise sounds into collections, and invite others to hear and contribute to your shared collection.
Whenever you add something new, all members will be notified, and can comment and add their own sound recordings.

Your sounds are securely backed up to cloud storage (we use Google cloud) and are accessible from any device.

The app will ask your permission to access your location information and add to your sounds, should you choose.

With the app Aroundsound Audio Recorder, you can record audio right from your Android device -with just the press of a button. Not only that, but all the audio recorded on the app is perfectly saved in your Android device’s memory, as well as the cloud. .

Aroundsoud Audio Recorder can also record when and where an audio file was recorded, which allows you to preserve the context of your recordings. On top of that, this app can also edit any audio file to remove periods of silence or simply adjust the audio.

But one of Aroundsound Audio Recorder’s best features is how easy is to share audio files right form the app. The app automatically generates links to any of your recordings, all you need to do is share them with family and friends, and they will be redirected to your audio file.

Aroundsound Audio Recorder is a great audio recording app offers a easy way to share audio files, as well as edit them, in a matter of seconds. All of that on a comfortable, elegant interface.


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