BrickHouse TrackView Android App

by wedado_f5jp81

TrackView is an easy to use mobile app that connects you to the BrickHouse Security GPS Platform ( and enables its subscribers to view locations collected by their GPS tracking device. All device configuration alerts and geofences are configured within the online portal.

Currently available for Android phones and tablets.

Screens and Features –

  • Log In
  • Forgot Password
  • Settings
  • Breadcrumbs – displays location trail on a map
  • Locate Now – asks device to wake up and sends its location
  • Refresh – confirms last known location
  • StreetView
  • Detail Summary
  • View Geofences
  • About Us

if your unit was purchased prior to 7/5/15 it may not currently be compatible with the Trackview app. Please contact our support team at 800-654-7966 to inquire about upgrading your account to support the Trackview App.

The Brickhouse TrackView app transforms your Android device into a management console, allowing you to always know where your assets are. To use the app, first create an account with your phone number and a password. Once this is complete, you can begin managing all of your assets directly from the app.

BrickHouse Track View for Android is in the works. You can still access your account if you have an Android device by using the mobile web browser.

Because BrickHouse Track View is a viewing app that displays the most recent activity rather than live tracking, it does not drain the battery unless the user requests updates on a regular basis.

However, as with any location ­based app, we recommend that the user logs out and confirms that the app is not running in the background, as this can cause the battery to drain.


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