Duplicate Contacts Remover Android App

by wedado_f5jp81

Duplicate Contacts Remover is the application which automatically scan, detect and delete duplicate contacts on your phone.

We all face problems when we buy a new phone or migrating from one account to another social media account because all the social media has syncing functionality. This functionality stores your all contacts in to their social cloud for example WhatsAap, Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, etc.

Contacts backup and Contacts transfer can store and saved as .vcf, .csv and .text for your future reference. In addition, these backup file can be shared via email.

You can take backup of your contacts from SIM card, Phone memory, Google or any other social media accounts which are linked to your phone separately and individually.

When you migrate to new phone or new account for that matter then these social media fetch all your contacts one by one. As a result your have possibly four to five times the same number, which makes hard to delete oe by one.

Duplicate contact merger detect and those duplicate numbers automatically and gives you a chance to keep only one copy of your number.

Duplicate contact remover is a simple app to deal with your Duplicate Contacts Removal Problems and Best Contact Merger.
We treat contacts as foremost priority hence we stored the deleted duplicate contacts in .vcf file so that it can be recovered later.

Helps in identifying, deleting and recover the deleted contacts.


  • Duplicate Contact Detector: Scan your contacts and find duplicate contacts.
  • Duplicate Contacts Remover: Remove the detected duplicate contacts and keep only one identical copy of each number.
  • Recover Contacts: You can recover the contacts which you have deleted. File is save in Folder which you can add again to get deleted contacts. The removed contacts are saved on vcf file on sdcard.
  • Also allow to delete single or multiple contacts.
  • Backup all your contacts as CSV, TEXT and VCF format
  • Import and Export all your contacts to different phone
  • Transfer all your contacts to different account.
  • Share or saved backup file in Gmail.

It is an incredible app that automatically detects, scans and deletes duplicate contacts. With Duplicate Contacts Remover, you can recover the deleted contacts with minimal effort. The mind-blowing functionality can back up your address book into their social cloud like Facebook, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, and Google. Certainly, it is an incredible app that can help you to delete duplicate contacts.

Capabilities of Duplicate Contacts Remover

  • It allows you to remove single as well as multiple contacts.
  • Duplicate Contacts Remover detects the duplicate contacts in your address book and deletes the duplicate copies by keeping one identical copy of contact.
  • You can transfer your contacts from one account to another. In fact, you can share or save backup file of your contact in Gmail account.


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